August 21, 2011
By Mephetical BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Mephetical BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Saints always have a past, and sinners always have a future.

Every part of his lonely body is numb
As he walks among this crowd
His face is emotionless and his stare is blank
While everyone else is loud.
They look at him with curiosity
Wondering why he never talks
They rumor about a nonexistent ferocity
Just because of the way he walks
They'll never know what he's really like
And they really could care less
They don't know why he gains so much dislike
But they don't stop causing him distress
His eyes are barely hiding the pain
Of everyone who looks upon him with such disdain
Everyone who always is embarrassed to know him
The family that is always afraid to show him
Knows that he'll never have anything to gain.
Nobody else knows what he does at night
The kinds of things that happen under a flashlight
They don't know why he always covers up his arms
Not realizing that their hate causes so much harm
Disregarding that he is a human being
They don't look through his eyes, they don't know what he's seeing
He sees way past the lies and all the torment
But he still doesn't know why he gets resentment
From all these people that don't know his life
But that's not their business, its his personal strife.

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