August 21, 2011
By Mephetical BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Mephetical BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Saints always have a past, and sinners always have a future.

He ran through the thunder and stumbled in the rain
His body was fine but his spirit was stained
You couldn't even tell that he was in disdain
But he went right with it, through the pleasure and pain
He wanted to go, to leave it all behind
But something made him stay, it controlled his mind
Whispering merciless terrible lies
Flooding his body from his feet to his eyes
With a sickening masterpiece.
He designed it all, from the rise to the fall
Of everything that had once stood tall
The things that had mattered just faded away
And when he woke up he felt that he just hated today
When he walked through the world he didn't know what to say
He felt just like he had no more essence
His presence getting ripped through like Christmas Day
Every morning was a time of mourning
And everyone should have seen the warning
Signs, they were brighter than the Las Vegas Strip
But they must have just thought he was used to it
They never ever bothered to look in his eyes
To see his heart as he slowly dies
The pain too intense, the emotion too clear
He knew it even as they said he had no more to fear
They all tried to put him under
Throw his whole body asunder
But he had promised, just promised, that he'd get through the rest
They said that they knew it was just a test
But now, he's looking at an empty screen
She'd left the camera on, he couldn't believe what he'd seen
He had went through the torment, the hurt and the terror
His mind felt it must have just made an error
She was the one who convinced him not to die
The one who held his tears back when he wanted to cry
The one who said I Love You on the rainiest night
But what he's looking at now shows that it was a lie.

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