The Promise

August 21, 2011
By twisted2013 GOLD, Ignacio, Colorado
twisted2013 GOLD, Ignacio, Colorado
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My trust for you is lost
Since the day you made yur first promise to me
Every promise you never kept
As a child I had my hopes up
Thinking and hoping
That you would be there when you said you would
So excited to see you there
But you never showed
Still though you made promises
Promises you never would keep
I lost all trust for you
You wonder why I never believe you
You question my additude toward you
It's the promises you never kept
All the lies I believed
I knew not to trust you
But something inside said it was ok to
Something told me you were telling the truth and you would keep the promise you said to me
Im not sure you can keep it now though
All the fights
All the words that can't be taken back
Will that make you just forget about your promise
Your promise to me your own daughter
To always be there
And love me
Tell me mom Will you keep this promise
Will you not let me down
Like so many times before
I want you to keep your promise
Because when someone promises me something they get upset I don't believe them
But thats not my fault you and dad made promises to my brothers and i and never kept them
And then you expect us to believe you when your promising something else

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