Lost Am I

August 19, 2011
By , Branson, MO
Lost am I. It is the end. I've been washed over board into the sea. I'm drowning now, I cannot see. It is dark and foreboding in this place. I am sinking now the light in front of me is fading. I reach out and try to grab its warmth, but to no avail. Darkness is enveloping me. Something is weighing me down, a chain perhaps or a cannon ball? the precious air I breath is lost to me in the sea. I close my eyes, no use at looking at what what could have been a life. I sit here at the bottom of the ocean floor. I breath my last breath. I am no more.

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Anonymous_7 said...
Oct. 25, 2011 at 4:32 pm
This is one of the first poems I ever did.
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