Hey (back to ) You

August 19, 2011
By vowens BRONZE, St. Petersburg, Florida
vowens BRONZE, St. Petersburg, Florida
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Hey you

Did you know I LOVE YOU

I think a lot of you

We are

Sun and moon babies

For you found your true lady

Hey you

I am writing a song for you

I’ll sing it to you

While you play your guitar

I’ll even hum too.

If you was to speak that air question again

I would answer

Yes, yes, yes

I am here for you too

I love you too

You can stutter to make this cute

And please do kiss me to make this true



This is love?


This is the perfect love

This can be OUR song

But I will write it for you

So now

I laugh out loud


I miss you

Let us throw seeds

While our hearts are so content

They bleed with joy

Let those doves eat the grains

While we walk down that isle to say

“I do”

Then kiss we must

Then my cheeks will blush

There is no chain to hold us here

But our own souls

Our own souls who sparkle with the stars

On the nights watery sky

God kiddo,

How you make me fly.



Hey you

I am those if your dreams

With every step I take

they will come TRUE

ask me your air question

like I mentioned before

yes I shout with joy

hey back to you

my struggles are mine alone

but give me some time

they can be your too

heres some names

for that beautiful baby girl & boy


Malachai Raheem

Two names one day

Someone will sing


Forever am I yours?


I am yours


I’ma say this back to you

Moses Raheem B.

I love you

The author's comments:
I was young and crazy in love with someone. Me and him turned out to be reflections of each other and he showed me I can write some good poetry when I put my mind to it. He is also a poet and to this day, we're raising a son together and now our son is our inspiration.

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