Broken down child, Broken down clock

August 19, 2011
By MegFarr BRONZE, Westchester, New York
MegFarr BRONZE, Westchester, New York
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Life is like a clock, and some ways so are you;
Big clocks, small clocks, clocks painted blue

The clock has an owner, man who thinks he's tough;
Seems like all the man wants to do it show the clock how he can
make life rough

He'll turn the clock's dial, wasting it's life;
Maybe put a crack in the glass, but the clock puts up a fight.

He'll yell at the clock when it doesn't tick right;
Maybe he'll yell straight into the night

Then in the morning, he'll step back and see;
The clock he broke down, yes he, yes he

The clock will not tick, it won't make a sound;
The man will look up then look all around

The shattered remains of the clock's heart;
Look like they've been pierced with an awful dart

Then the man wonders why the clock won't tick;
Not even one tick, not even one click

Then the man realizes he broke down the clock with all his wrath;
But what he doesn't see is by the clock not ticking, it means
it's fighting back

The clock was shattered inside and left to fend;
But the clock will not let this man decide when it's the end.

The author's comments:
The point of this poem is to show what parents can be like.

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