Take My Breath Away

August 21, 2011
By Anonymous

Go on... Take my breath away like you always do,
You'll never know what I go through,
Every time I catch your eye,
Every time you say Goodbye,
All those nights that I was awake,
The times you gave me a heart ache;

Every look on your face that I never forget,
The way your eyes tell me a story you regret,
I know my heart does a little dance,
Every time you show up,
And I trip over my words cause I m starstruck;

So I wait and wait for you to say hello,
Holding in every butterfly I am so blown,
I wanna scream and scream and tell them your my Prince Charming,
And I wanna be your Cinderella cause I've been longing;

Be my Romeo and I'll be your Juliet,
We'll hold on to each other during the sunset,
We'll stay like that even when the sky falls down on us,
I'd walk a thousand miles just to see you, my love;

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