This House Is Not A Home

August 19, 2011
By brai1 BRONZE, Spring, Texas
brai1 BRONZE, Spring, Texas
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The house is loud , words yelled back and forth. Doors being slammed. Wedding bands being thrown hitting the floor with a smash tears falling , running down the cheeks of the ones you love , argument after argument louder with each word I need quiet I need peace this is NOT where I want to be ; help me help me . I cry fearing the worst of the situation. . . [ divorce ) splitting tearing ripping the family apart , this house is not a home but then again it never was from the start . No more this no more that , hoping the minds of them will change . Leave me here . Leave me there . As long as my ears don't have to hear . UNLESS it is silence , this house is not a home and im standing in the hall all alone with no one to blame all that is left is me holding my bags filled with my things but the rooms are empty . Letting go of the words that haunt me and the sad memories of the past ; this house is not a home. . .and those are the words that I have !

The author's comments:
My parents were aruguing a lot and I was hurt by it, so instead of telling them how I felt I held it in. Which never helps, in any situation. So I started writing and this is what spilled out of my heart. I worked up the courage to read it to my parents and they could feel my pain..The arguing stopped and they worked things out, I know they love each other, so let's just say I guess I stopped my parents from splitting up with the help of the love between them.

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