Wading Memories

August 19, 2011
By flipflopbeachgirl BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
flipflopbeachgirl BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Mysteriously the water gazes upon my existence—
As the delicate ocean breeze voyages across my astounded face—
From far above the warmth from the blazing sun observes.
Gulls pivot on wingtips
Over restless waves,
Emerald palms perform ballet with the whistling wind,
Vibrant waves run up onto the grainy terrain
And then escape peacefully back to their home
Like a kitten lapping milk;

These translucent waters are filled with thoughts, wishes, mysteries—
My mind observes the peculiar presence of the water,
An eccentric sensation embraced throughout generations
Like the promised rainbow that shimmers after every storm.
The sea radiates with aching and cheerful souls
Washing an array of emotions onto the innocent shore;
My footprints vanish in the moist sand
As my concentration sinks farther into the ocean’s manipulative majesty;
Dreams, achievements, failures construct the ominous waters—
My naïve mind stretches towards the heart of the ocean.

Each receding wave that passes is a vivid memory,
As witnessed through the eyes of a stranger-
The stones are scattered skeletons.
Out in the vase obscurity of the ocean
The turbulent waves reconcile and
Linger, yearning for their next victim;
The mystifying ocean is a time capsule
Concealing the most scarce secrets of my life—
Along with the extraordinary secrecy of the entire world.

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