Do you remember

August 19, 2011
By justme17 SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
justme17 SILVER, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Do you remember?
Those long, later winter nights
That kiss, those Christmas lights.
Our first date, with are parents.
When we met, and I slipped on ice and fell.
You told me you would catch me, but you still haven’t.

Do you remember?
New years eve, you were my first kiss of this new year.
When you would stroke my hair in your car.
How I always fell asleep on your lap.
You said you’d always be here.
But where are you now?

Do you remember?
Dancing at prom, finally kissing me in public.
All those skittles I brought you, anywhere I went.
Holding my hand and the word ish.
What it was like to love me.
To actually care about me, and what happened.

Do you remember?
That’s all I need to know.
Do you remember
Do you remember
Do you remember…
Because I do.

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