True to you and true to me

August 12, 2011
We've been through things to hard to explain
Being apart just isn't the same 
When I sit in the sand and reminisce 
I think of all the good times, just like our first kiss 
I know I need to say this 
And I need to do it right 
I need to apologize 
So our bond can be so tight
But no matter what I say to you
You always push me down
I claw my way back up
But once again I'm on the ground
Now I know why I'm always in the dirt 
It's because of that one mistake
That must of really hurt
What made it worst was I sat there and I lied
Which was a bigger mistake
Cause now all I do is cry
Life just isn't the same since you left that day
I miss you and I want you 
I really want you here
To you from now on I always will be true
I won't give up
I'll stand and fight
I want you badly
I'll make this right  
as I go and end this I hope you know I care
As for when it comes to you I'll always be there
True to you and true to me
True to us and what we'll be!

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