Sinful sweets

August 12, 2011
By vampira16 SILVER, WESTLAND, Michigan
vampira16 SILVER, WESTLAND, Michigan
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"I'd rather be a kiwi than a peach."

Although it’s immoral, it’s hard to resist.

Strawberry sauce spilled on my fingertips;

Just waiting to be licked,

Dark chocolate drizzled over my white cake,

Caramel dipped apples served to me for the taking,

Honey glazed sweet bread with cream spread on to the

breaking point.

I regret reaching out to them after the taste shrivels from

my lips.

Broccoli, carrots, and celery,

Not as motivating as a piece of butterscotch candy.

With all these sweets handed to me,

I prove to be weak against life’s struggles.

Living in a generation where good has become less


Not even giving that bowl of fruit a glance

After picking up the soufflé sprinkled with powdered sugar

that catches my eye.

Someone, anyone, give me strength.

Give me resistance to these sinful deeds.

What? Just one bite?

I’m sure one small nibble couldn’t hurt.

But I’m so far in, I know I’ll regret it later.

Fallacious, I know.

But tempting.

The author's comments:
Oh how sweets can blind you from what truly is better for your heath.

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