My Fallen Idol

August 18, 2011
By Rachel Wilson BRONZE, Clermont, Florida
Rachel Wilson BRONZE, Clermont, Florida
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I watch the words fling back to back,
As violent as a tennis match.
So who will win this awful duel?
She starts to cry, do you feel cool?
Each strike stings far greater than the last.
Will no one put this in the past?
These things all happen way too fast.

Now I'm begging on my knees,
That you won't be the one to leave.
Were you the one who ran away,
When all you wanted was to stay?

I know somehow you're gone for good.
Though I never really thought you would.
Nothing could have kept you here.
Not even your life, love or fear.
And now my mom can't see through tears.
She cries at night, but I still hear.
Her love is gone, my fallen idol.
Your chair sits empty at the dinner table.

You don't write, and you never call.
Alone I walk this silent hall.
At your door, I see it's open.
I walk in so faintly hoping,
That maybe your ghost won't haunt me.
After you'd shut me out and lost the key.

You'll never see the hate waft through the open vent.
For her birthday not a gift was sent.
You may be gone, but we still wait.
For the day that you don't hate.

I know one day through the lonely door you'll walk.
Proving what you said was all talk.
It's a cold World out there,
And you never bothered to prepare.
You'd said you prove us wrong.
That phrase was like an overplayed song.

Your arrogance was pride.
I don't think you ever even tried.
Denial rages by and by.
People told me to let you go.
So I smile and put on a happy show.

But my feelings were hurt,
Running mascara wiped on my shirt.
Now and then I still feel the pains.
Please come again when it rains.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was afraid of losing someone I used to be very close to. As we both grew up, we changed. This was mostly my thoughts about that broken bond. After I wrote the poem, I realized I was still hoping. And I realized that I should hope because it's never too late.

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