Overwhelming Frustration

August 20, 2011
By Anonymous

There’s some sort of anxiety in me.
It screams,
And wants to tear me apart.

It's a devilish demon,
Making you suffer most when you least want it too.

Made of sorrow,
And a pain with a crooked happiness.
Until finally it becomes an uncontrollable anger,
Consuming a person to no ends.

And it would leave me -
On an invisible cliff over a black desolate ocean.
Not knowing for certain what to do with this twisted,
Repulsively vile gut feeling.

I simply wanted to scream,
Let out my overwhelming stress,
And burdensome emotions I had kept in for so long.
I wanted to be freed of the binding chains of misery,
To foremost be relieved of the tormenting feeling inside of me.

And just thus,
Is what I did.

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