Your Name

August 20, 2011
By boobleyschmook GOLD, Rexburg, Idaho
boobleyschmook GOLD, Rexburg, Idaho
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I will never have enough of this name.
I could listen to it all day through and still crave the sound.
I could write it again and again and never tire of its sight.
The letters could fall from my lips a thousand times over and still i would not be content without the feel of those words on my tongue.

Everytime i see you my breath falls short.
The sound of your voice quickens my heart.
Your touch damn near kills me.
Even your tast and scent control me.

These words couldn't possibly begin to convey how i feel for you,
Now and always, what i have fely about you for years now.
Ever since i first saw you in art class throwing yourself around and screaming as you could ever scream.

That moment of utter retardedness is the moment i knew,
I could have no one but you.
I loved you at the first sound, the sound of your name.
But this you will never see, so you will never know.

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