No Reason

August 10, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
I don’t know why exactly,
The world keeps becoming blurry,
I can’t see straight.

It’s not that I need my glasses,
I’m not that blind,
My eyes are simply brimming with tears.

I can’t even explain,
I guess it’s just my mood.

Maybe it’s the stress of a job,
The realization of being alone,
Fear of the future finally creeping in,
The heartache taking over,
Or the fact that she’ll win again.

It’s all the memories,
They hurt me.

Today I found three pages,
I wrote everything you said,
I never wanted to forget.

Today I wore her dress,
I felt the fabric and fell in love,
But I’m not allowed to call it mine.

I reread your email,
I saw the plain lies,
And I realized how many I believe.

I didn’t do what I needed to,
The angst takes over,
I can always create a headache.

There’s an ache in my stomach,
It happens a lot,
It’s like I’m supposed to be sad,
Problem is,
I don’t know why.

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