I Don't Know What I Want

August 10, 2011
I don't know what I want
But my wants are of no importance.
Our destiny has been written in stone.
My battered love for you will always be held at a distance.

Forget what you felt.
Forget everything you once believed.
I had once set my heart on you,
But by my own fantasy I've been deceived.

Your remaining existence in my life
Kills me at times.
You're dangling my only desire in my face; out of reach..
All that is left is of memories most sublime.

I don't know what I want
But I know I love you.
...I'm tired of being let down;
Tired of all the pain you put me through.

Don't even think of reaching for my hand
Because I'll pull away.
I don't want you to leave, my long lost love,
Please would you stay?

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