Tragedy of a Hopeless Romantic

August 10, 2011
You will never get what you want,
Because it does not exist.
It is unheard of, it is extinct.
You'll search all day long for your "true love".

You will die in searching.

But he is not real, it is not real.
Accordingly, you are prone to heartbreak,
Sorrow and disappointment.
You will never be fulfilled.

You are foolish in love, with the idea of itself.

Take off your rose-colored shades.
Feel the surreal pain that is your whole life.
Become vulnerable to it, accept it.
It is behind you, around you, in front of you...

Kiss your dream goodbye,
Because at one point you must wake up.
And know the extremity that is...
That you will never be loved the way you desire.

You will never be loved the way you love.

Take reality for a whirl.
And disown your life of whimsical lies.
Face your hopeless fate, you hopeless-romantic
For goodness sake.

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