My Rage

August 10, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
I have a hidden rage,
A silent riot inside,
A feeling so large,
It consumes me completely.

I get so angry,
But I’ve been trained,
I bite my tongue,
And I remain silent.

You think I’m dumb,
Such a silly little girl,
But on the inside;
I got a lot to say.

I don’t get rid of the madness,
It doesn’t become agreement,
I just swallow it,
Set it to simmer in my stomach.

Some days,
The world doesn’t deserve my silence,
It’s never to the right person,
Just a random lash out.

But I unleash it,
I unchain the monster,
And the first person to cross me,
They get bitten.

I’ll play nice 6 days a week,
But I’m waiting,
Waiting to release it,
My hidden anger.

When I’m hurt,
It adds to it.
It grows every day,
I doubt it’ll ever go away.

So watch out,
You’ll never see it coming,
I’ll let it go with a smile.

Stay on your toes,
Because this little girl,
She’s got a secret rage.

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