I Walk Home

August 10, 2011
Walking down a dim lit path
Feeling all the enemy’s wrath
Can’t even see straight ahead
It definitely looks like you made our bed.
A bed of lies, that exists before us
Nothing but trust that diminished with lust
All I know is that as I walk
I cannot see amongst the broken clock.
Time is false, of this is true
I never knew I cold be betrayed by you.
This isn’t easy, walking in the dark,
Alone and confused
Nothing but a hardship, as visible.

But I walk towards a stone
Gray as depression
Meek as your oppression.
My glance is futile, nothing coming
Nothing happening at all.
But my touch is fatal, and I grip
Force intended upon.
Anger inflamed fingertips nurse the stone
No care within the bone of my index.
I take the stone with a pull and release
It flies away from me.

Along with the stone, I toss you away.
The lust and lies are vanishing acts
As are you, of which not a need.
I walk into the dark continuously
But instead of walking nowhere,
I walk home.

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