Shrieks of Innocence

August 10, 2011
Your innocence is glowing,
A spotlight in the moon
No scars on you, on the inside.
Pure and colorful, all around.
Believance of everything.
Gullible eyes looking past the mirrors.

Your shrieks of laughter,
A delightful sound of tune,
So many stars to pick, in little time.
To you, eternal choice.
Love is such Lune moon

Your spiraled blond curls,
Growing thick and long,
A day after your wake.
Three years beauty,
Blooming fast, out fine,
You will be big soon,

As my age is yours, moods will change.
Anger more fierce, a lion’s roar.
So spoiled as an egg, but so sweet.
My love unleashed for you.
I don’t want you to grow

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