His Wandering Dream...

August 10, 2011
By nynehearts SILVER, Beaufort, South Carolina
nynehearts SILVER, Beaufort, South Carolina
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Life is too short, grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive quickly. Take chances, give everything. Have no regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy you have to take the good with the bad. Smile when you're sad, love what you got, and always remember what you had. Always forgive, but never forget. Learn from your mistakes, but never regret people. Change and things go wrong, but always remember life goes on.

His love was all he wanted accepted
His life was all he wanted acknowledged
But now here he is, alone among friends
Loving a girl who could care less of him
A girl who is just like him.

He tries to open up, tries to be here
His mind wanders about, to what could’ve been
He stares at a beauty who cries in the night
He wishes she would talk to him,
Like they use to when they first met.

Isn’t it a silly twist?
Stop making your life a lie
She laughs, she talks about you
Dirty little secrets she lies about
To make your life miserable

You say you love her, you won’t leave
You just don’t want to be alone
You want someone to hold, besides yourself
Yet you still cry yourself to sleep
You still dream of happy days

You can’t give up hope, yet she has
Now you’re working alone
Something you feared so much
Escape to the vast unknown, find yourself
Find someone worth living for

It’s painful isn’t it?
To know you’re nothing to her
To know you could do better, yet you say you love her
To find out she is disgusted to be with you
She says she stays ‘cause she pities you

She never loved you, never thought you existed
She used you just like every other girl
Yet, you still say you love her
How can you continue with lies?
Run away from this life

This life was not for you
You’re so afraid of the unknown
Friends who have hidden themselves
Will show you a greater life
Show you, you were never alone.

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