The Land of Ooo (Adventure Time)

August 10, 2011
Sometimes I dwell in Ooo when theres nothing else to do
or when life gives me problems too...

the candy kingdoms where I go
when my life is filled with woe
where Bubblegum will comfort me
invite me in for a cup of tea

Lumpy Spaces' where I relax
and lay my head for cloudy naps
where LSP Melissa and Brad
Go on adventures that are totally rad

Sometime's I ride on Lady's back
and she tells me 'bout the past
but I have to listen close
'cuz Koreans all she spoke!

We swoop down to the nightosphere where all souls will disapear
Sucking souls or stomping ants...
...but Marceline is there to dance
she rocks out and plays her bass
craving things of red to taste

A life of playing make-believe even though I'm fifteen
The land of Ooo is keeping me
in a place where I'm set free

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