The Silent Tree

August 10, 2011
By SetTheMusicFree PLATINUM, WESTPORT, Massachusetts
SetTheMusicFree PLATINUM, WESTPORT, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
" If people just put their beliefs and opinions aside and understood that love is the true religion, then we would live in a harmonious world"-Christofer Drew Ingle

Look at our names, carved their in the tree.
The way the sun peers down.
Allows me to see, just how harmonious our names sing together.
The sight, encourages tears to flow.
You may be far, but the tree still stands tall.
I wait, patiently.
Yearning for your love.
Yesterday, I could have sworn I heard your voice.
It was so sincere.
It wasn't you.
Just identical in tone.
I am sitting in the restaurant, where we once sat so proud.
My arms feel incomplete as I reach over, and you are not within my sight.
I used to wrap my arms around you, caused you to feel so secure.
I sigh as I come to the realization, I can't anymore.
Days pass, and I lay in a meadow where memories were made.
We shared our first kiss.
I still crave that taste.
The one that used to drive me insane.
You are worlds away, we are fading apart.
A distant memory now, that unfortantly remained in my heart.
You've ignored my constant calls.
Ones you used to eagerly accept.
The tree is now old, hanging by a thread.
It's been years.
Long years.
Now our names have disappeared.
The names that the tree relied on.
To stay alive.
Now the tree has passed, like me.
Don't give me your pity.
I do not want it.
If only you were in need of me, when I was in need of you.
Every pair of eyes I see, resemble yours.
A brilliant shade of brown.
It's all so complex.
I planted another tree.
One, that will remain til the end of time.
This tree may one day, be the center of another couples romance.
What happened to the previous tree, will not happen to this existing one.
There is a new fence guarded up.
So, no trespassing for my tears.
That tree was a part of me.
When we were young.
In love.
You ripped out it's roots, tore apart it's hope.
With the years that have passed.
My faith has collapsed.
I only reminisce about the previous years on occasion.
When I light a fire.
I want it to burn the memories.
Let the fire alarms ring.
Let the chaos begin.
You weren't worthy enough to be written on that innocent oak tree.
I wasted that trees life.
Wasted my own.
On you.
As long as you aren't in my presence.
This new tree.
Shall live on forever.
-Amber Barnes

The author's comments:
This is life.
Sometimes time is all you can rely on.

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