Look With Your Heart

August 10, 2011
Look with your heart, and not with the set of eyes you are following.
Look with your feet, not the footsteps others follow.
Look with your fingers, with every touch, feel what you feel, not what they believe.
Admire yourself.
Release all sounds, loud or faint saying you can't.
You can.
Listen to the music that the birds supply.
View the newborn birds, as they take in the scent of life.
They are there to remind you.
You are alive.
You encountered the same things.
You smelt the same air.
They represent the sign of new life.
The world spins for them, as it spun for you.
Look around you, and you will see, all you wish to see.
You are capable.
Take in life.
-Amber Barnes.

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