Why, Hello There.

August 10, 2011
There is something about the color you're wearing, that drives me insane.
Is it new fabric softener that makes you so appealing?
Is there a formula for this effect you have on me?
Or is this just an illusion?
There you stand.
So casually.
You are able to make it look so precise.
I want to explore your mind.
So vivid.
This effect has taken it's toll on me.
I am a coward.
You said only one word to me.
Masked in cologne.
And oh.
That cologne.
Is unfair.
It lures me in.
And I keep falling.
If I could read your mind.
Oh, just a second.
I would know everything I live for.
I don't recall knowing your first name.
All I know is.
Your name is need of a companion.
It sure fits nicely with mine.
-Amber Barnes

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