An Inspiration

August 10, 2011
The way you linger righteously in your own light.
When everyone else's shines the same frequent color.
The way you stand.
Your bold shoulders.
You take steps.
No ones steps, but you own.
I'll continue to echo your name to the world.
Until it is echoed back.
If everyone in this world, was an individual.
Thought for themselves, such as you do.
If everyone strummed their guitars with as much passion as your eyes portray.
Only then would the world be able to continue.
Spinning on it's axis.
Among a world of hurt and betrayal.
I am blessed to have met you in this life.
Someone real.
You contain an ingredient that is essential.
Music, feeds your soul.
Music is your life.
I know this.
-Amber Barnes.

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