The Game

August 17, 2011
By , Winnemucca, NV
Here I am again
Stuck in your twisted game of cat and mouse
A victim of my love for you
But alas that is where I fall
I care to much and that will kill me
You like how my cries sound
Do you enjoy the pitiful sounds of my sorrow?
I am still a victim
A victim of abuse, a victim of lies
Although you try to control my life, I can still hope
I found a love that is not dangerous
I found a love that is never-ending, a love that is pure, a love that is clean.
You have controlled me for to long
Now you have no power over me
You tried to make me a victim
Alas, you victimized yourself.
I am no longer the mouse
Mother, now you are the object of your own demented game.

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