My random Autobiography

August 16, 2011
By , Santa Paula, CA
I have won first place in Ventura County for varsity shot-put.
I have bungee jumped from 175ft in the air.
I have an unfathomable fear of needles.

Camarillo Charter School was where I was to read my award-winning poem in front of the entire PTA.
My 8th grade teacher had the same birthdate as me and her son shared his birthday with my mom.
I hope to one day travel to Australia using my grandpa’s boat.
I once had a 2 year long relationship.
My uncle Ruben just passed away from cancer, leaving his son who is 14 and daughter who is now 10.

I was born with an extra set of permanent front teeth and had to undergo surgery to remove them when I was in 6th grade.
I went crowd-surfing at a Good Charlotte concert.
My favorite type of music is from the 1920’s.

My great-grandmother was one of the seven inventors of Botox.
I have learned that not everything is served to you on a silver platter, one must work for success.
I am complemented over and over again about my beauty, but I just don’t see it.
I remember the night my sister broke her leg.

I was passenger in my exes Ford F150, when we got T-boned by an oncoming car.
My great-uncle was murdered while working.
Las Vegas’ bright blinding lights, the Blue Men Concert ringing.
The 45min ferry ride from Napa valley to San Francisco.

I am allergic to metals.
My brother has fallen asleep in my lap.

I am told that when I was little I went to the beach with my swimsuit on backwards.
I remember staying home from school on 9/11.
I have been in several earthquakes but not once have I felt one.

I remember when my mom first started to lose her vision.
Every birthday,
I blowout my candles,
to the wish that my mom could one day see again.

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