Forgive Me Of My Sin

August 16, 2011
By Anonymous

They're all around me,
Coming near, and feeding on my fear.
Don't you see?

Can't you hear their eerie call?
As i run, i know they're having fun.
Their eyes flashing in the blackness, awaiting my fall.

I stumble and start for just a second longer,
I hear their evil laughter, as they rush in after.
Why keep running? I can't help but wonder.

They're there in front of me, crawling under my skin.
I'm so afraid as i try to cry out, but i can't seem to remember what about.
This is my repentance, forgive me of my sin.

They left me bleeding, staring, as the sky's mournful tears fell down on me.
Why won't it stop? I ask as i pray for the very last drop.
Now for death, i silently plea.

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