Tell Me..

August 16, 2011
By boobleyschmook GOLD, Rexburg, Idaho
boobleyschmook GOLD, Rexburg, Idaho
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Tell me why we never talk
Tell me why you never say whats wrong
Tell me how you truly feel
Tell me why you feel the need to bring me so much pain
Tell me when this is going to end or if it ever will
Tell me what you tell everyone else
Tell me if you can trust me
Tell me who you believe
Tell me is its me or them
Tell me why you never want to get together
Tell me why you never want to get together
Tell me why you act so distant
Tell me why all you can say to me when we're together is 'I Love You'
Tell me is this mantra is to prove it to yourself
Tell me why we're together, don't you dare say 'because I Love You'
Tell me if i should go or stay
Tell me why you suddenly stick up for me now
Tell me why you were so easily deceived then
Tell me if you still feel the way you did in the beginning
Tell me if we'll ever be like that again
Tell me if your with me for me
Tell me if its all to prove something to yourself
Tell me why its possible for this list to be so long
Tell me why i feel as if i must change
Tell me why i can't trust you
Tell me why i hardly believe you when you say 'I Love You'
Tell me when everything went wrong
Tell me why we're still together
Tell me how i can still love you so much
Tell me how you can mean so much to me
Tell me how we can still make this work
Tell me why i can think of only you
Tell me if you think of me too
Tell me why i yearn to touch you, feel you
Tell me if you need me just the same
Tell me if there is anything more i should know
Tell me now what you ever could before
Tell me why
Tell me how
Tell me when
Tell me..

The author's comments:
I was upset with my boyfriend.

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