Forgive Me

August 16, 2011
These words i can not say,
These thoughts i can not bare to voice.
Yet, i hope that one day,
I will be strong enough to make the choice.
I wish i could just show you,
How amazing you truly are.
I can't help but feel that the things i do,
Just aren't enough, that i must go far.
My feelings for you i can't ever show.
I want to touch you, to hold you in my arms,
Although i know,
That it is not to be, but if only, if only, i could hold you in my arms,
One last time,
That's all I'd ever ask for.
I wouldn't ask for even a dime.
All i want is you standing at my door.
Please forgive me,
I would take back everything if only i could.
I wish i could have realized earlier, how much you mean to me.
I would have told you how much i love you every day, as i should,
But now it is far too late.
I will now and forever regret,
What i didn't do, i could have changed our fate,
Simply by telling you one little sentence; I love you forever and always, and that is set.

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