August 16, 2011
By boobleyschmook GOLD, Rexburg, Idaho
boobleyschmook GOLD, Rexburg, Idaho
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I thought i loved you.
Now I'm not so sure.
Everything i blamed you for, Is now my fault as well.
I thought your 'I Love You' was your mantra, Yet now i find it's mine.
I often feel as if we've drifted apart.
Occasionally, still, me feelings for you overflow.
I wish i could know, which way my heart leans.
Do i love you?
Should i let you live your life and say goodbye?
Me heart is such a whirl of emotion.
I don't know what to think anymore.
I feel as if when i tell you 'I Love You', I am telling a lie;I feel as if you mean the whole universe to me.
I can not stand to be without you;I can no stand to be with you.
I long to be in your arms;Even as they give me pain.
I need to feel your lips on mine;But they burn me every time.
I can not wait to see you;I can not breath, tears sting my eyes.
Your hand in mine is all i wish for;As i pull away, a thousand needles piercing my skin.
I crave the feeling of your touch:Even as your tender strokes peel back my skin, showing the world what i am beneath.
Your very breath feeds my starving soul;I am bleeding, it carves away at all that i am.
I love you;I hate you.
I can not exist without you.

The author's comments:
Uhh, im not sure even when i wrote this so i couldn't say haha.

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