August 3, 2011
By LH9523 BRONZE, LaGrange Park, Illinois
LH9523 BRONZE, LaGrange Park, Illinois
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He is as bright as day yet I feel as cold as night
Holding on a platter the world he took right out from under me
Impossible to block him out I’m too weak to start another fight
trapped in his gaze I can never break free
empty heart, tear-filled eyes, feeling like my life has just passed me by
Every time I get up he knocks me back down
Destroyed all trust, I can’t take another lie
I’ve learned that lost love can never be found
he took a part of me I never got back
coming out stronger I stand up instead of fall
but there will always be those days where confidence is what I lack
I’m done playing the act, dressing up as his doll
I look in the mirror, I don’t know who I see
I hope someday I might recognize the reflection staring back at me

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