So Much for Friendship.

August 3, 2011
You try and shatter my thoughts like the innocence of glass. then quietly try to pick up the pieces, re-arrange them so you can call them your own. what you don't know is I'm like a tombstone.i stand there with my feet plotted firmly into the ground. you may go ahead and talk down to me but i guarantee you, there wont be no replies. i may crack here or there during rough situations but one things fer-sure, i will never break. From the corner of my eyes, I've watched closely as you try and examine where my downfalls may possibly be so you can try and trigger them for your own entertainment of watching me self-destruct into nothing, like dirt. where you have a chance to step on me and fulfill your desire to try to get rid of me and say i never existed. But as much as you try to get rid of me, no matter what successful or not, you just cant. Because even though you don't admit it, you and i both know that the only reason why you want to see me self destruct is because I am exactly the person who you wish to be, but lets be real you can never replace me!!

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