Self Questioning.

August 3, 2011
Since when has loneliness been a state of mind?
When did music stop being a friend of mine?
My heart is cold just like my feet.
I can't reach my goals I promised I'd beat.
And seasons pass as emotions do, days may bring me closer to you.
How can I love someone I may never meet?
How can I meet someone who doesn't love me?
My thoughts won't leave me alone at night.
I'm just trying to take everything a day at a time.
But how do you pass through life without being noticed, but yet still make something of yourself?
How do you expect to blend in, but still create yourself?
How does oneself find it's self when it doesn't know where to begin to look?
What chapter do you start in when you're not even in the right book?
My heart is as cold as my feet.
I didn't meet the goals I promised I'd beat.

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