A Friend For A Day

August 14, 2011
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Just imagine...

Imagine if the whole world were friends
Even friends for just a day
Imagine if the whole world didn't pretend
To look the other way

Imagine someone coming into your life
Stayed for the day, left in the night
They take what they may, keep what they like
Leave you in a world of disarray, just to spite

Yet if that someone was your friend
Would he not look ahead?
Would he see all that you two could be
If you just put each other first, like it should be

But that's not how we are...

I think its a shame how it all came to this
All the needless hate that spread to all the other younger kids
Left them brainwashed, emotionless
They commit their sins, but remain so oblivious, to each and every risk...

The hardest things to say to people
Are the things you really mean
Wondering why life is never simple?Well that's not up to you or me

...Now their past has caught up to them
Not as boys, but as men, in jail, as good as dead
They look back at their lives, all they did
And they're terrified... Of what they did
But not because of the things they did,
They're scared of how easy it would have been
To have stopped the hate, way back when
If just for one day, they had just one friend

Just imagine if they did...

But that barley scratches the surface
Pain and suffering say "nobody deserves us"
Yet we give it to people everyday, but say it was never on purpose
Well if that were true
Why do things exist that still hurt us?

But what if we never let it get that far
I know deep down, good is who we truly are
So why not let the good come out, and take us up, up past the stars?


Most don't see like you and I
Most agree to disagree, we see eye to eye
We live to breathe, they live to fight
Yet you believe we can make it right
We just need for us to try

Which is not as hard as you think...

So while others choose to destroy
I choose to defend
Peace and love and kindness to occur is all I ever intend
So what about you? Would you choose a different route
If you knew then, what you know now?

Would you have broke the cycle
And made a new one, instead?
Where we all think just like you
With helping hands ready to lend
To those who in need, of just one friend?

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