3 a.m. of Freshman Year

August 14, 2011
By vanessasandra GOLD, Bandung, Other
vanessasandra GOLD, Bandung, Other
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It’s 3 am.
I’m awake.
It’s either the really bad jet lag or the fact that I’m dying of excitement.
It’s 4 hours away from me seeing my friends.
It’s been months.
Things are going to be different.
Good different.
Bad different.
Taller boys,
Prettier girls,
And then you have me.
I don’t exactly know what I am now; or how I changed over the summer.
I hope everyone can tell I grew.
I hope everyone can tell I good-changed.
This anxiousness is really getting to me now.
Can barely close my eyes again.
My mind running through everyone and everything I was going to see today.
New things were going to be introduced to me today.
I learned this doesn’t happen very often in the year.
Today was going to be NEW.
New people to be around in class,
New lockers to get used to,
New teachers to listen to;
It’s going to different.
It’s the start of the next four years of my life.
It’s the point where I’m going to figure out who I am;
What I have to contribute to the world.
Maybe this is the reason I am awake all alone at 3 am.
Too apprehensive about it;
Not too much about the first day of school,
But about the four years.
Praying for a good start to the four years,
I’m falling back asleep
Into an uneasy, curious, barely deep sleep.

The author's comments:
Written at 3 a.m. of the first day of high school.

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