This I'm writing from my heart!

August 14, 2011
By Sybrina PLATINUM, Clearwater, Florida
Sybrina PLATINUM, Clearwater, Florida
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I'm writing how I feel about you...and this is coming from my heart!

Each day I live in fear that if I wake up it will be in the dark.

No sparks to show me the way back, no light to help me fight each day

as I grow cold and colder...against a battle that I am loosing

all because you had to go. I don't know how much more I have left on my lonely road.

But I do know that sometimes if I see a rose,I'll think about you.

When I pick it up,the thorns pierce my skin showing signs of bad luck

and leave spots of blood,as the leaves turn black showing me that I can never go

back,To the day I once knew,a day once filled with you! My tears show

each day that comes and goes. Growing thicker in pain....I don't know

how much more I can gain. So long without you....please just show me

what to do! My heart that was once so strong is now fighting to keep

itself from falling apart. Don't turn out the lights and don't show me the dark

Some day I'll find my way, my way back to a new road! Maybe even a road

with my one true love! I just know that someday,some way I WILL rise above

this pain. But this,this poem that I'm writing is from my heart!

The author's comments:
Dedicated to Scott

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