Part One

August 14, 2011
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How could I have been so blind?
How could I not much you truly
cared about me? But why couldn't I just
open up to you, and tell you how I really
felt? I would tell you how much I love you,
I would find every word in the dictionary
to explain how I feel. When I touch your
lips, I swear sparks fly, and tears fall from
angels eyes. My toes they curl up, and my
heart pounds like the gods almighty fists!
My arms continue to shake, and my voice
it constantly breaks, but you always seem
to know what I was going to say! Your the
other half of my heart, and with you I feel so
whole. Every where I look all I see is your face,
just thinking about you make my cheeks bright
red. I can't sleep because I'm too busy waiting
for you, when I close my eyes there you are,
when I call your name your never too far, if I
need warmth your my blanket, and if I need
light your my brightly lit candle!

How could I have almost let you go...
without wanting to watch you walk away?
How could I have been so stupid, I should
have realized was shot by cupid.

As I sit here and think, I look at the spaces
between my fingers...those spaces are meant
for you to fill.

My heart still pounds like thunder in the sky.
My face is still red, and I'm running out of breath.

I'm sorry for acting so foolish...but please forgive
me...I don't want you to leave, save me from
this evil darkness that's surrounding me.

From now on I promise you I'll be better!
I can make it through this cold and heartless
weather...just as long as I have you by my

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