Innocence of a bud

August 14, 2011
Why someone so small and innocence be in so much pain?
can't someone help this poor soul?
she cries out for help ...i don't know how long she has.
why does someone like her be bruise from head to toe
someone so young shouldn't be going through this kind of pain
what will she do when she blooms into a beautiful flower
how will she reach the sky.
who would help this poor innocence little tiny bud of a flower barely a inch from the ground
She'll never be the same again,
this innocence little bud will always have doubt in her heart
that tiny little bud will never be herself she will not give into love so easily she will wait in till her knight shiny armor will come to save her but she knows that there is no such thing of a knight shiny armor he only lives in her dreams...

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