Cupid's Stupid Arrow

August 14, 2011
By christine143 BRONZE, None, Other
christine143 BRONZE, None, Other
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Favorite Quote:
true love waits but lust dont.

I never knew I would fell in love again
In love with the same person I once loved before
I never thought that I would be hit by Cupid's arrow again.

If only I knew that Cupid was targeting me,
I would have tried to escape from his weapon
Because I don't want to fell in love again.

Cause love is so unfair and not just
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lost
I've been so tired of those things.

Sometimes, the person you love doesn't love you
Yet the person you hate was loving you,
Why is it like that?

Would it be as simple as ABC?
That when you love him/her,
Automatically, they would feel the same.

But, love is not like that
It is as difficult as math problems
So difficult to explain how you get that feeling.

That's why I hate being in love
But why is it that I'm feeling this way again?
I can't do anything but to accept the fact that I've been hit by Cupid's Stupid Arrow again.

The author's comments:
Again, I'm inspired to write this because of my crush. The one who inspires me always. Hope you'll like it. And leave a comment negative or positive.

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