August 14, 2011
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Okay, I'll just come out and say it--
You're on my mind.

Don't get all cocky now,
You're only on the outskirts.

You're in that place where I occasionally think of you, I occasionally wonder if you're
Wondering about the times we had

You know those days,
Living on the outskirts of possibilities
We weren't sure were even possible.

You remember don't you?
Don't tell me I'm not on your outskirts as well,
I should be right there,


Right between the rights and lefts of politics
And wondering what the word "culdoscopy" means Oh, and perhaps I could fit right there,
Right in that empty space that was once occupied by Your obsession with toy trains,
But I guess you grew up,
A little.

I want you to mean as much to me as I mean to you Nothing more or less,
I don't want one of us to think about the other more often.

But if it happens that we aren't equal in that way,
I would much rather have the pleasure (discomfort) Of thinking about you more than you think about me.

Why shouldn't I?
I think a lot.

And why not spend my thoughts on something, or someone like you?
You're pretty upstanding, I assume.

But I suppose I haven't had time to fully examine who you are.
I mean,
You're only on the outskirts.

So please, don't take it to heart,
I never said you were in my heart,
Just my mind
(I hope you don't mind).

Don't worry,
The outskirts aren't too lonely.
You can join what I had for breakfast
And my outfit for tomorrow.

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