August 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Take me away, from this place
from this heavy storm in my head
We’re so lonely

Build these walls with me
Even if they tear em down
They gave us the time
The time we never had when we first met
Can I remember, I can’t remember

Lets lie in the leaves,
forget we ever changed our minds
I want this, this silence that I feel
when It’s just me and you

The aversion, sweeps over our faces
and for once, I can see
She never even tried
If you want, be there for me
Cause I wanna hold you
and tell you all my secrets

I wanna taste your past
Feel all your regrets
Sweat and dry eyes
Consume what we can
While we still try to mend

Ask and I’ll provide
Cause I’ve got no where else to go
except to your mind
The perfect place to hide

let’s talk til the sun comes up
lie on your side
Cause we learned long ago
This is enough

Enough to keep us alive

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