The Things I Say ...

August 13, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
Sometimes I say things,
They’re rather horrible comments,
But I smile at the end,
And make pretend.

How could I be serious,
You’re my close friend!

But you get on my nerves,
You say things I don’t like,
Sometime I can’t help it,
I have to say what I think.

God knows what you’d do,
If you knew,
All the nasty things I say to you,
Well I think they’re all true.

You brag a lot,
And live the life I want,
Sometimes I’m on your side,
I’ll listen to you whine,
But your stinking sorry lies,
Them; I don’t like.

I still love you to death,
But lots of times,
I say this mean stuff,
And I smile.
I don’t smile because I’m kidding,
No, that’s not why.
I smile because I like to see your face fall.

Everyone loves you,
You’ve got so many fans,
Half the time I’m one,
Other times I’m not.

Next time I say something mean,
I’ll give you an honest smile,
And you will too.
Together we’ll have a good laugh,
And I’ll feel good,
I finally told you off.

But I’m totally just kidding,
You’re my friend,
Now until the end.

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