No Emotion

August 13, 2011
By , Walpole, MA
Are you ever afraid …
I am.
But it tells me I’m alive,
Sometimes I feel dead.
There’s no emotion,
I don’t react to you at all.
So afraid of being sad,
That I hide it all.
Where is it all hidden,
I can’t find it anymore.
I cover it up with anger,
I’ll lash out,
Prevent you from getting close.
I’m fine,
But that isn’t a feeling,
It’s just a way to get by.
I’ve become really good,
Hiding everything,
I don’t even know what I feel.
Did I love you,
Or was that hate?
How come I don’t get excited,
Why can’t I cry.
I’m glad that I can lie,
But it’s crossed a line.
Now I can’t go back,
I’m always fine,
But I’d like to be happy,
Why can’t I?

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