A Dream

August 13, 2011
By Anonymous

My heart is like shredded floral wall

paper. It's like the hopes and dreams of

poor innocent children. The shattered

pieces fall slowly into the abyss. My

heart crushed by those who i hold close.

I watch them stomp it into dust. I cry for

them to stop but it doesn't stop. It just

fades into the brightness of the flames.

Burning. All i see is fire burning away

at what was once my happiness. I cry

and cry but it does not hurt me. So i run,

run to the fire in hope to join my fond

memories of joy and happiness one last

tI'me. I say my last goodbyes although

I'm alone. then as I'm ready to let go, i

hear my name. it gets louder and louder

until i hear it in my ear, someone

whisper for me to wake up. I open my

eyes to see my mother standing there. It

was a dream, a dream of all i fear. It was

a dream of me alone and unwanted.

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