What is Love?

August 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Love knows not of such trivial things

such as age or time but of the hearts and

minds that seek it in it's truest form

which is boundless and limitless. True

love does not fear of death or of the

acceptance of family and friends but of

the death of thy love or of the rejection

from thine dearest beloved. The world's

greatest treasure is not the most

beautiful people or the greatest of sex. It

is not the brightest of golds or the

shiniest of silvers. The world's greatest

treasure is as boundless as the sea. It is

as free as a bird to fly through the

clouds, singing songs to the hearts of

lovers. It sends fear and bravery to the

hearts of the young. The world's greatest

treasure is a gift from the heavens. It is

love. Love is one of the great gifts of

life. It is such a great feeling. Love gives

us the boost that we need in life. The

great feelings that love gives us can be

described in so many ways. Love is

wonderful, amazing, intoxicating,

beautiful, marvelous, exciting, perfect,

invigorating, glorious, and many more

great things.

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