Kiwis and Peaches

August 13, 2011
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Although surrounded by different kinds of fruit in this bowl,

This kiwi doesn’t need approval to look healthy.

Of course you want to place the peaches on top.

They’re always so bright with their charming red blushes.

Always giving others a sense of soft touch from the surface.

But this kiwi, shaded in an unattractive brown with a rough hairy surface.

No one wants to see me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they made no room for me to be in this bowl.

But please don’t be so easily deceived.

This kiwi knows not to judge by appearance.

Your ever so beloved peaches may greet you with a significant wink.

But in the center lies a dark scarlet red seed,

Which can be easily mistaken for a rotting corpse bundled with sin, forcibly stuffed inside that gorgeous surface we see as the peach.

True, I may not strike to you as stunning.

No one will if you critic by a glance.

But I give a remarkable taste that brings a smile in sweet satisfaction.

It takes a lot for this tough skin to break.

The slightest scratch can easily ruin a peaches well prompted image.

Beneath my skin is a star’s ambition.

A dazzling center with not one, but many seeds ready to grow.

Peaches, people will see your hideous core once they take a better look at you.

But only those smart enough to not be hood winked by a simple view will not fall with you.

But this kiwi has nothing to hide.

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