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Scriptures Of The Heart And Mind

August 13, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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Favorite Quote:
" Art is beauty everlasting "

In a time of fleeting glory, obscurity lasts forever

Chase the holy grail all your life, because you think you're so clever

Outwit the do or die dedicators, with a careless endeavor

Fortune may kiss your lips, as it stains that misplaced letter

If these scriptures we laid at your feet, what would the message say?

Do the questions change when asked again, do the answers ever fade?

You can chase the tiger grab it's tail, but what was it's special meaning?

Did you find or lose yourself along the way? Chances lost in dreaming?

There is a wish I whisper in the night, may it reach your ears

When I drink of beauty's essence, it never sheds a burning tear

Once twas a demon that enslaved me, and invited all my fear

Silence remains my virtue, but draw closer and my secrets you may hear

The eyes that follow you lay siege to your desires....but why? you ask

You sleep protected yet travel unguarded burying pain behind your mask

So if the iron curtains descend upon you, break the chains of your past

Because a day in dire mourning with a broken heart, does not deserve to last

The author's comments:
Balancing the rationality in your mind, and the passion in your heart to come to a sound love may not always be so easy

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